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I must admit, getting my body prepped for winter is a task I put off until it's basically too late...Not this year though, I'm determined to get ahead of the dry-skin game and get my body Victoria Secret Fashion Show ready! Ok...clearly I'm not going to be walking in the VS fashion show anytime soon, but ya know, motivation and all. 

Okay, first things first, bodycare! L'Occitane have some gorgeous body products on offer, that's no secret, so I'm going to run down a few of my favourites. And, if you're already thinking about that all important Chirstmas shopping - ooo, the C word - then they have some fabulous Christmas Gift sets for mum...that is if you're mum is anything like mine and completely L'Occitane obsessed! I'll link those up here for you to have a peek! 

Warning: These aren't actually edible, despite using the phrase "good enough to eat" approximately  46721 times in this let's get into it shall we.

Almond Shower Oil*: This stuff is just dreamy. Both mum and I love and use this all the god damn time, and this must be about the 3rd bottle we've had in our shower arsenal. Safe to say we love it. If you're a fan of sweet smelling body care which makes your skin feel like silk, look no further. The formula is amazing, an oil that turns into a milky consistency once used with water.

Almond Supple Skin Oil: lAnother one I love, and as you can see, there is hardly any of this stuff left. Time for a repurchase me thinks! Along with the shower oil, this will give of the same almondy scent along with the amazing skincare benefits. A soft skin duo made in heaven!! If you've tried the shower oil and love it, pick this up next and you won't be disappointed.

Almond Refining Concentrate*: This one I love to use in the mornings. Again, the almond scent has me hooked. I just can't get enough of it guys! This one contains caffeine, so it's going to help wake up the skin and tone. This isn't an oil, it's definitely a cream formula which feels very luxurious to use. 

Delicious Almond Hand Cream: This is that last almond product, I promise!! If you really want to smell like a bakewell tart, then why not add their almond hand cream to the mix! I love L'Occitane hand creams, it's something the brand does super super well. They sink in quickly and the scent is there, but not too overpowering. A handbag staple, for sure. 

Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream*: Skincare is something I haven't really tried before from L'Occitane, I was all about their body products! When this came into my routine I was excited to give a try. It has a gorgeous fresh florally scent, yes, floral, not almond, which I really love and it feels so soft to use on the skin. It's the perfect moisturiser for those days where you don't want a very thick layer of product sitting on the skin, but you don't want something that will just be eaten away by your parched skin in 0.5 seconds. This sits somewhere in the middle, but still gives your skin a nice dose of moisture and nourishment.