I've been really struggling with my skin lately, and it being that time of the month hasn't helped. We all have these skin days - or weeks - where it just doesn't look good. I have a few blemishes which I've been desperately trying to get under control, along with some texture problems and just overall being unbalanced. My skin has never been bad growing up, I never suffered with acne, but I still have some products laying around which I'll bring out for those times when I do get a blemish or two.

Nourish Kale 3D Cleanser: This is a really great cleanser to cleanse and detoxify the skin, which is exactly what I need. Although it's very clarifying, it's not at all drying which is a miracle as I hate that tight feeling my skin can sometimes get after using cleansers of this nature. It's cheap and cheerful and helps to even out my skin's texture as well as lifting impurities. It contains Kale and Griffonia which are also great to target the signs of ageing and sun damage. 

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator: I rarely exfoliate, but every now and then I'll reach for one to gently scrub away any dry skin. This is a lovely one as it's very gentle, smells amazing, and lifts away any dead skin cells. The smell is very calming a great one to use after you've cleansed. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray: Toning is something I do daily anyway and I've been loving this one. It contains Aloe and Rosewater which work wonders on my skin to calm and hydrate. It also helps to dry out my spots a bit which is why I've been reaching for it so often lately. I do go to town with this, and if you're a 20 spritz kind of gal like me, you may need to wait a few moments to let it sink in before moving onto the next step in your routine. 

Keihl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate: I use this pretty much everyday without fail, my skincare routine wouldn't be the same without it. If you suffer with uneven texture, this will be your best friend. My skin always looks so much better, more plump and even, after using this the night before. I like to pat oils into the skin to ensure they really sink in properly.

Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser: If my skin isn't too dry I'll normally reach for this as it's so gentle on the skin. Liz Earle is a great brand if you're after some super gentle, fuss-free skincare, they have that part of the skincare market covered. This smells very spa-like, just as the other products from the brand smell, and I love how it sinks into the skin. There's not too much going on here, making it the perfect daily option to help balance your skin.

Lip Balm
Glossier Balm Dot Com: For some reason my lips are always the first to show that I'm either dehydrated, or having a crappy skin day. The moisture tends to get sucked out of them. I always make sure I have a balm on hand, and this Glossier one is great. It's very handbag friendly and the consistency is that jelly/oil formulation which sinks in well to leave your lips feeling nourished. When Glossier reach the UK I'll definitely be ordering a few other scents of this as they sound lovely.

Origins Original Skin Rose Clay Mask: I think this is my favourite clay mask, I even prefer it over their other clay mask (the dark grey one!). It lifts impurities so well, and the rose helps to hydrate the skin so it doesn't feel parched. The smell is lovely too, and it works wonders on blemishes and around the nose where you may get blackheads. For problematic skin this is a must!