5 For Spring.

I adore spring, it's definitely my favourite season, I love it when the flowers bloom and all the shops start to bring in beautiful colours and textures for spring and summer. It's a happy season, and can I mention it's now light until about 7:30/8pm!!! Hooray! I wanted to share with you a few bits I've rotated into my Spring beauty routines, I have a couple of skincare and some makeup bits. I'm a huge fan of fresh, brightened skin, so these help to achieve that.


This is a big claim, BUT, I think this is my favourite EVER face mask! Yes, you heard me right. I had a sample of this from Sephora and I was gutted when it ran out. In the UK you can only pick this up from the fresh store in London - correct me if I'm wrong - so it took me a while to repurchase and part with the £50 or so price tag. As far as face masks go, this makes my skin feel very hydrated, toned, brightened and overall super nourished and clear. I have dry combo skin, so nothing too drastic. This just helps my skin to look its best. The smell is also lovely, I'm not normally a huge rose fan, but this is nice. It's a gel formula, infused with rose petals, it's very easy to apply and easy to rinse off as well! I leave this on for 10-15 minutes and I love the way my skin feels and looks afterwards. Please let me know if you've tried any other masks from fresh as I would love to know!

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These skin, water, essence things have been all the range lately so I wanted to give one a try and see what the hype was about. I opted for this Kiehl's Iris essence and I really love it. It's for all skin types and claims to create a youthful, smoother and more radiant look to the skin. I was intrigued as to what benefits Iris would bring my skin as it's the main ingredient so I did a little research. It's apparently known for it's deeply nourishing an anti-aging properties, according to the Keihls website, so it's going to be fab for creating a brighter complexion. I'm all about the radiance so this is my current go-to. It says use three drops, and honestly you really don't need any more than that, it gives you a few seconds to pat it into the skin before it sinks in. I've been adoring it in the mornings to refresh my skin and give it a nice canvas for serums and moisturisers, it's definitely replaced the toner step in my routine.

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I come back to this every time I want a quick, easy base which will even out my complexion and give me a natural, dewy finish. I haven't found a tinted moisture type of  product in a while which beats this. It has SPF30 which is a nice bonus, and it feels like nothing on the skin, exactly what I want when the weather starts to heat up. It's not a heavy coverage base by any means, it's light-medium, but you can build it if you want more coverage in certain areas of the skin.
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I couldn't talk about fresh, dewy skin and not mention a highlighter, I mean, that would be criminal. This one from Becca ticks all the boxes for me and it's one of my favourite powder formulas. As you can see, it's a gorgeous peachy champagne shade which gives the skin such a luminous glow. You may swatch and think, daym, that's pigmented, but used with a light hand and blended out it can look more natural, believe it or not. Or, you can go all in, which is advised.
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I'm all about bright, berry shades in the summer months, I'm over the whole nude lip trend! This lipstick from MAC is a beautiful, pinky raspberry shade which is very flattering and brightening has it has a cooler undertone. It's a cremesheen formula so it's not drying at all and feels super comfortable to apply and wear. Being a more creamy formula, it's not super long-lasting, however it does wear nicely throughout the day with a few top ups.
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