Doing my eye makeup always takes the longest out of my whole routine. My base I can skim through in a couple of minutes, a quick slick of brow gel through the brows, then it gets to eyes and when I don't have time to create master smokey eye, I want something that looks good but with minimal effort. Here are a few tips if you can be a bit lazy, like me, when it comes to your eye makeup...

One shadow wonder: I think the most effortless way to add something to the eyes would be to grab your favourite cream shadow, apply it to the lid, and blend with your finger. Easy peasy. If I want something subtle which is going to brighten and open the eye, I opt for a champagne shade. My favourite is from Charlotte Tilbury and it's her Eyes To Mesmerise Cream Shadow in Jean. It's the perfect pretty shade to apply onto the lid to add a bit of shimmer. If you want something a bit darker, maybe your heading out for the evening, the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze is lovely. It's a gorgeous creamy bronze-y taupe shade which creates a beautiful amount of definition to the eyes. This paired with loads of mascara and you're good to go. 

Trade your brush for a crayon: These crayon/pencil eyeshadow sticks were such a fab invention, props to whoever came up with that idea! They are the easiest things to apply above and below the lash line to create a nice smokey affect. My favourite formula, again comes from Charlotte Tilbury, are the Colour Chameleons and the shade I've been using at the moment is Dark Pearl. This is a lovely taupe-y purple shade, super blendable and stays put all day. Once you've applied this and blended it out it only takes up about a minute of your time. 

Natural and matte: If you do have an eyeshadow palette you love, go for the natural matte shades, they look flawless and tend to be pretty foolproof. The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is my favourite matte palette out there. It has six shades, ranging from light to dark. There is one shimmer in there and that's the very first shade Venus, a gorgeous pearly highlight. My go-to look with this is Foxy on the lid, Naked 2 through the crease and Crave as a liner. They work so well together and once you find a combo you love you can create a pretty eye in no time. 

Pencil Liner: Ditch the liquid liner if your hearts not in it, we all know what it could potentially end up looking like and sometimes the hassle isn't worth it. Go for a soft pencil instead and apply it to your upper and lower waterline. I find this gives such a quick and sexy defined look to the eyes. The Rodial Pencils are my faves at the moment, they are very creamy yet stay in place and don't smudge. I can literally do this in about 20 seconds and I find I don't need to add much else to my eyes. If you don't like liner on you lower lash line, keep to the upper lash line instead, you'll still see a difference and your lashes will appear fuller. Opt for brown if you want a softer look, or black for something more dramatic.