Two Scents You Need This Autumn.

Now that Autumn is officially with us - even though it's still kind of sunny here in the UK, who would have thought it - I wanted to share a couple of my favourite scents for this time of year. I love a good candle in the Autumn and I always go for a warm musky vanilla scent along with some which are slightly sweeter. I have one candle and one perfume I think you guys will absolutely love and are perfect for Fall...

I'm going to start things off with the perfume, and it's the much loved and raved about Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. This is heavenly and so unique which is one of the reasons why I love Jo Malone as a brand, every scent is so different and original. After doing a little bit of research, as I am no perfume connoisseur, the three key notes are ambrette seeds, sea salt and sage. It's a very fresh musky scent, and the amber really makes it perfect for Autumn as it's very warming. It's very mature and sophisticated, it's great for layering, and this little 30ml bottle is perfect for travelling!

My candle of choice this Autumn has to be Diptyque's Vanille, it's a gorgeous sweet yet musky vanilla scent. The packaging of their candles are so nice, and when this is finished I'll definitely be using the pot to store some bits and bobs. These are not the cheapest of candles, but the quality is unreal, they leave the whole room smelling divine even when they're not lit. This one in particular is a very warming scent and is perfect for the home, the sandalwood notes make it a very autumnal scent along with other various woody accents. It's a bit spicy too, which I used to hate when I was younger, but this I adore and I've already been burning it loads!


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