I've settled in for my third year at University and decorating my room is by far one of the most exiting aspects of heading back. I love to buy little plants and soft furnishing to make a bland room look and feel more like my own space. There are so many things you can buy and use to incorporate your own style into a room, but here are a few of my own tips which hopefully you can draw some inspiration from...

Great for purifying to air and adding some lovely greenery or pops of colour to the room! Obviously you can't go to B&Q pick up your favourite pink paint and have at it with the dull cream walls, so why not pick up some pretty flowers instead? I am a huge lover of cacti and I recently picked up these super cute mini ones from Urban Outfitters - have you ever seen something so cute and small in your life. These were £3 each and paired with a terrarium, or a few other larger cacti, can really create a cool vibe. They are also really nice at filling any spaces on top of a chest of drawers or bedside table. If you don't want the upkeep of a bouquet of pretty flowers, cacti and succulents are pretty student proof as they require minimal watering! Or you can just opt for some fake flowers...Ikea do some great ones!

Soft Furnishings
Cushions, although not necessary, every women needs at least 20 on her bed. You can really play around with colours and different textures to create a really cute feminine space, or maybe something more minimal, cushions are great at making a space feel more like home. I think H&M home is a great place for cushions, and although you have to buy the covers and the actual pillows separately, they still work out at a cheap price. If you do have a slightly larger budget, Oliver Bonus and West Elm are places I would recommend looking into. I think the brighter you go, the better, and don't be afraid to clash prints and colours as this can still end up looking super cool and fun! Another tip, would be to opt for white bedding, then you have no colour restrictions and it keeps the room looking clean and simple, if that's what you like.

Pictures and prints
Everyone I know here at uni has endless pictures of them with their friends and family and it's a great way to incorporate a little bit of home into your room. I love to print mine out online in a polaroid style, there are loads of websites online which do this, they look really trendy and are perfect for pinning on a pin bored along with that important list of deadlines...If you have a select few that you want to put in frame, go for it, I love to add a few picture frames around my room, as again they can add some colour and jazz up a space. Prints are also so fun to play around with. And I know you can't put tonnes of nails in the wall, so I would always say to stand then against the wall on top of a surface so you can layer them too and experiment with different sizes. If there's a print you love and have seen on Pinterest, print it off and stick it in a cute frame to save money!

I don't mean your University books here people...I'm talking recipe books, coffee table books and things you can stack which will look pretty! As a student I do have my fair share of recipe books which I love to use for decoration more than anything else! These days all kinds of cooking books are made with such aesthetic it seems a shame to shove them in a drawer in the kitchen. If you wanted some different lifestyle type books, Urban Outfitters have a huge selection which look lovely, as well as making for a great raining day read.

I love to keep certain products out, number 1; so I can remember to use them, and number 2;r they can actually look really nice, especially on a bedside table. Hand creams, body lotions, your favourite nail polish of the moment, a candle, lip balms, are all things I love to put by my bedside. There are loads of body lotions etc which come in pretty packaging and look really cute and can add to a blank space.