This Works is a brand I've really grown to love over the past year or so, it all started with the much loved pillow spray, and my obsessions grew and grew with every product I tried. There are loads of cult products form the brand I could talk about, but today I wanted to share my top three which I would highly recommend you all trying. Whether you're looking for skincare or body care, This Works is a great all round natural brand, and it's British, so I love supporting them and their work! This Works was founded in 2003 by beauty expert Kathy Phillips in the hopes to achieve modern, natural beauty products anyone can use, they don't test on animals, and I just adore the overall ethos of the brand.

Energy Bank Skin Glow Serum: If you suffer will dull and dehydrated skin, this is something you need in your beauty arsenal. I always struggle with injecting life into my skin, it tends to be fairly grey and dull half the time with the odd dry patch, if you're the same, this is the perfect morning serum to invest in. I take 1-2 pumps of this creamy pearlescent cream and pat in onto dry, cleansed skin. Instantly my skins looks healthier and more dewy, something I'm always trying to achieve. This contains Vitamin C, as well as Green and Red Algae extract to brighten and refine the texture of the skin.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: I use this stuff every night without fail, I can feel the bottle getting lighter and lighter but I never want to run out of this stuff. We all get those nights where we can find it difficult to wind down and shut off, but this is where this magic bottle of relaxation comes in. It's packed full of Lavender and Wild Camomile to sooth the body and mind to send you into a state of relaxation. If you're not convinced this stuff actually works, here are a couple of stats to sway you; 89% of users fell asleep faster than normal and 92% of people felt more awake and refreshed in the morning...told you!

Perfect Look Skin Miracle: Like I said before, I suffer with dull lacklustre skin, and this is another product I keep at arms length to help perfect and brighten the skin. This is a tinted hydrating cream which you can use as a tinted-moistuiser, or as a primer under makeup. The tint is on the bronzier side, but don't worry, when you blend it into the skin it leaves it looking glowing and refreshed, not at all orange!! It sinks into the skin really quickly and it doesn't feel tacky or greasy, it's an everyday staple in my routine!