It's nice every now and then to have a little ramble about things you've been loving and recommending to all your friends. As much as I adore coming up with creative ideas and posts to share with you all, today I just wanted to to write about something simple, but you something you can still take something away from. My makeup and skincare has had a massive change in the last few weeks due my skin becoming super sensitive all of a sudden, more about that in an upcoming post, so my palette for products has differed somewhat. 

Ren Anti-Pollution Mist: I have been all about these kinds of face mists this summer, they're super refreshing, great for a hot day, and they're packed with skincare benefits. This one in particular is designed to protect your skin from ageing and environmental pollution which can damage the skin. If you live in a city this is something definitely worth checking out, your skin will feel so much fresher and less clogged. I have a mini size which I received in a beauty box and it's so perfect for on the go! 

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand: Under-eye concealers and creams are probably the things I tend to buy the most, as I'm always trying to cover up my bags and dark circles. I have my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer which is great, but I wanted something more brightening and lightweight. I love CT, everything I've tried from her brand is fab, and this was calling my name. It's a duo ended eye wand, the first side is a pearlescent eye cream which hydrates and de-puffs, and the second side is the brightening peach toned concealer to help correct blue tones under the eyes. I've been reaching for this so much and it's a great staple in my makeup bag. 

MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow: I love MAC eyeshadows, there is always one I have my eye on, they do neutrals so so well and some of there more daring shades are stunning. Sumptuous Olive isn't a nude shade, but it's not too out there, perfect if you want something a bit different. As the name suggests it's a gorgeous olive green which compliments green/brown eyes so well. It's a veluxe pearl finish, so it adds a nice amount of sheen to the lids. I love pairing this with lashings of mascara and a brown liner in the waterline, it's a lovely look to transition into Autumn. 

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream: Since my skin went a bit crazy on me, I've been trying to use the most simple and gentle products I can to prevent irritating it further. I received a sample of this moisturiser and my skin has been loving it. It's a very pharmaceutical product, in that the scent is very minimal and it's a fairly thick white cream. If you suffer with sensitive skin or eczema, I would highly recommend giving this a try, I was so surprised at how nice it felt on the skin and that it was quick to sink in which is such a bonus in the mornings. 

Rodial Brown Smokey Eye Pencil: I am a huge fan of brown liner pencils, I much prefer them over black and sometimes over a liquid liner! I have many in my collection which I switch between, and this Rodial one is what I'm loving at the moment. It's a soft buttery formula which doesn't drag or tug at the eyes. I tend to apply this to my upper and lower waterline to create a feline eye, or smudge it into my upper lash line to give more definition and the illusion of fuller lashes. Brown liners are a great way to go if you want to subtly define the eyes, also if you have lighter hair and find black can be too harsh, brown is perfect!