Skincare is an area I love to invest in, but it's not always necessary. Over the past few years I've managed to figure out a few skincare categories that I can find in the drugstore and not have to compromise too much over quality. I could do a whole post on drugstore skincare, as there are loads of products I love and use, but here are a few I feel you really don't need to spend a lot for.

There are tonnes and tonnes of good makeup removers from the drugstore, and The Body Shop by far do my favourites. They have a fabulous camomile range designed for removing makeup and my favourite from the line is the cleansing oil. I've used cleansing oils from brands such as Laura Mercier before, but nothing removes my makeup more effortlessly than this. I use 1-2 pumps, massage it into my skin a softly over my eyes and all my makeup breaks down, even waterproof mascara!

You could count this as makeup remover, but I always use a micellar water in the mornings to cleanse and refresh my skin. I've always used micellar waters from the drugstore and I love them, my favourites are from Nivea and La Roche-Posay. They don't dry my skin out, they're very soft on the skin and a perfect quick cleanse before makeup.

In the evenings I love to slather on a nice rich cream, but in the mornings I'm after something more refreshing and something that will skink in quickly! The drugstore are full of amazing daily moisturisers, and my favourites are from La Roche-Posay. This brand is perfect if you have sensitive skin and the one I love is the Toleriane Riche moisturiser which is super moisturising and a really nice base for makeup! Other brands to check out are The Body Shop and LUSH!

If you have problematic skin, tea tree is a great ingredient for calming and detoxing the skin. The Body Shop have a whole tea tree range which is fab, I know I've been mentioning them a lot but as far as affordable skincare brands go, the Body Shop always have some amazing things to offer! My favourite tea tree product is from LUSH and it's their tea tree water, this is amazing in the morning to refresh your skin and calm any irritations or blemishes you may have. I haven't seen many higher end brands release products based around this ingredient, but the drugstore certainly have a few gooduns'.

Although it may be lovely to whack out your Dior or By Terry lip balm, it really isn't that necessary. NUXE are my favourite brand for lip balm and they are normally priced between £5-£10, depending which one you buy. Nivea also do some lovely balms on the cheap, and of course there's good old carmex which is a fail safe! You never have to look too far to find a good lip balm so it's always worth saving a few pennies!