When Spring rolls around, my base changes and I put my full coverage foundations aside to make room for some lighter options. I still like to cover up a few problems areas, such as redness around my nose and my dark circles, but on the whole I don't enjoy a lot of makeup on my face when the weather starts to warm up.

To prep the skin and to act as a primer, I've recently been using the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle to help blur and smooth my skin. When I first used this I was a tad scared as it does come out a very bronzy shade, however that disappears as soon as you blend it into the skin and that helps to give you a bit of colour and glow. My mum used this too and she was blown away by how good her skin looked even without foundation. It gets the mother seal of approval!

I do like to put a lightweight foundation on just to even out my skin tone and get a head start on concealing. The Illamasqua Skin Base has been my go-to and boy do I love it. It looks exactly like skin when blended in and it offers light-medium coverage. The finish is very natural, not too dewy but by no means matte, it's perfect for me at the moment. Of course under my eyes and on any red patches I'll add some Urban Decay Naked Concealer, no change there. I won't bore with the details on this one as I feel I've done that enough, but basically it's a super creamy concealer which is fab and I believe everyone should own.

I've been using a different powder to set things in place, the Bourjois Healthy Balance, and I love how it's non detectable on the skin, as all powders should be, but still locks in your makeup. I have the shade 52 which is more yellow in tone, so it looks great under the eyes. For a drugstore powder I would really recommend this one, even over some higher end ones...