Hair is probably the one beauty category I tend not to explore as much, as when I wash it, it's a chore, I want to be done ASAP. With the exception of a few leave in treatments, oils and serums go over my head and I like to keep my haircare very minimal and fuss free. I wash it at night so I rarely dry it and I never straighten it either, as naturally it already looks like it's been ironed to my scalp, but with that being said, my hair can be dry sometimes and I do get split ends on occasion.

My shampoo and conditioner tastes aren't too fussy and I tend to buy whatever is on offer and promises volume (although I'm not sure they make much difference but hay). At the moment I've been using the Aussie Mega Instant Shampoo and Conditioner which smell amazing but are nothing that special. I feel like you can get away with using cheaper shampoos as it's the products you use afterwards which make the most difference. They're nice enough products but I won't be in a rush to repurchase then. Once a week I've been using the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo which is perfect to remove product build up at the end of the week and give your hair a deep clean. I wouldn't recommend using this anymore than two times a week as it may be too stripping on the hair and make it dry. Another product I use once a week is the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Repair Hair Mask which leaves your hair so soft once it's dried. I use this instead of conditioner and for £2 it's going to last me ages, it's great value for money. It's enriched with argon oils so your hair is treated and nourished and left feeling healthy and hydrated. I've never been into hair masks, but after using this one I'm keen to try out more, so leave you recommendations down below.

Post shower, I have whittled my routine down to one product, yes, one! In the summer my hair doesn't need as much maintenance so I can get away with a few spritzes of the Dove Leave In Conditioner, brush it though and be done. I really rate this leave in conditioner, it's, again, enriched with oils to add moisture. It's one of those products you have to shake as it separates in the bottle but it's got a handy spray top and you can easily disperse the product as the mist is quite fine. I think Dove do haircare really well and are one of favourite brands to check out from the drugstore so I highly recommend their products to you.