If there's one body product which is making me feel all the summer vibes, it's the Origins A Perfect World White Tea Body Lotion, which straight off the bat reminded me of peach ice tea, it smells pretty damn good. When I found out that Origins had a body lotion I had to try it out as their facial moisturisers are something I'll forever be repurchasing. For £25 it's definitely a more luxury product and I wouldn't normally spend this much on a body lotion, but you get 200ml of product and for a summer treat it's gorgeous.

I tend to apply this in the morning as the smell is so good and lasts well on the skin, the white tea is really refreshing and I can't stop sniffing my arm once it's sunk in. It's very peachy and amazingly delicious! The formula is creamy and helps to hydrate the skin and sinks in quickly so you don't have a wait around to get dressed, you can just crack on with your day. The A Perfect World range from Origins is great for all skin types, and like their facial skincare range, you can feel and see that your skin is more plump and nourished which I love, again, not cheap, but totally worth it.