The weather has been rather lovely this past week and inspired me to do a bit of tanning come the weekend. Of course, typical England, by the time Friday roles around the weather starts getting rubbish again, but I still wanted to give a new product a go regardless. The St Tropez Express Tan made the rounds last summer and the response was great. I didn't pick it up last year as fake tan scares the hell out of me, but I decided to put my brave face on and bite the bullet. The idea behind this is that you can get a customisable colour depending on how long you leave it on for. Genius. As I'm reporting from my first time, of course I only left it on for 1 hour to get a light colour.

It's a mousse, so when I fist pumped it onto my mitt and applied it to my skin I panicked as it felt like I had 0 time to blend it in. To overcome this I did just stand there for about 15 minutes blending it in to be safe. With that being said, once I was done buffing all my skin cells off, it did look even and there were no streaks that I could see. I would 100% recommend using this with a mitt, same with any fake tan really, to avoid orange hands!

When it came to rinsing it off, I have to be honest, it didn't look all that different. My arms were more tanned yes, but the rest of my body I couldn't see much colour developing. This may be because I was extra cautious as I'm a fake tan noob, but next time I'll definitely need to either apply more, or leave it on for longer if I really want a golden glow. Waking up the next morning however, my skin was a good shade darker than when I hit the sack. It claims that the tan will continue to develop for 8 hours post application and I'm happy to report it does! So don't panic if you're not as dark as you'd hoped, give it time! It leaves the skin looking natural and streak free, so there's my boxes ticked, and the smell is fruity and amazing, not what you'd expect from a fake tan.

Overall I'm happy with the outcome of this. If you're like me, and fake tan is scary territory and you're scared the wotsit gods might get you, then give this a go. The fact you can go a customisable shade of brown is amazing and perfect for testing out the fake tan waters.