As you all know I've had a love affair with the Origins Plantscription Concealer for a while now and figured I would give the Plantscription Foundation (£29.50) a go too. Spoiler, I don't love it as much, but more about that as the post goes on.

First off, the packaging is great, I love the squeezy tube, meaning you can get a controlled amount of product out and it's perfect for travel. I have the shade 02-light natural which is good match for my skin right now and should see me through the summer months. The shade range is okay, if you're super pale then you may have some trouble working with this as I don't think the lightest shade would be light enough, but you can always ask for a sample if you're unsure.

It's medium coverage and I would say the finish is more satin than dewy, so a bit more matte than what I tend to go for which is why this isn't my fav. If you don't love super dewy, glow-y foundations then I would try this for sure. Blending wise is was super easy and didn't cling to any dry patches and it also left my skin looking very natural. It has SPF15 which is also a bonus for the warmer months, although I probably wouldn't opt for a medium coverage foundation in the summer anyways, but if you would, then this again is great.

Bare in mind the concealer is only (well I say only) £17.00, the foundation is marketed at £29.50... overpriced in my opinion, but may be worth it in some other peoples eyes.

Summery time...if you're a lover of medium coverage foundations that give off a natural finish whilst not being too dewy, you're going to love this. It has some great properties to it and overall is a nice foundation, but I won't be repurchasing.