The Maybelline colour tattoos are my favourite cream shadow formulation from the drugstore, and when they released their new leather effects line, I had to pick one up.

I went for the shade Creamy Beige which is lovely for an everyday base all over the eye. Its a beige shade, as the name would suggest, and I think it's a very chic colour that anyone can pull off. From swatching all the different ones, this shade definitely stood out to me, although I do want to try the colour Vintage Plum for something a bit different.

You can apply these with your fingers, or with a brush, and the application is very smooth and easy to blend, as well as giving off a good amount of colour. Being in their leather effect line, I did expect it to have a little bit more of a sheen to it, however I find it comes off quite matte, which I like!

For the price, £4.99, I think these are amazing and the quality is great. Let me know what shades you've tried as I will definitely be going back for more.