I love those shades you can put on anywhere, anytime and it just works. For many, nudes may seem like the only option, however you'll be surprised at how many lip colours do themselves justice just about anywhere.

Starting from the left, we firstly have Clinique Super Strawberry Chubby Stick (£17.00). Not being their intense formula means that its sheer enough to just throw on and go. It's a natural raspberry pink-y number which is a nice muted colour for everyday. Then we have an all time favourite, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat (£16.00) which is a great lip pencil for bigger fuller lips and being nude, you can pull this off at any occasion and look great! Over the top of the lip liner, why not go for another nude option? I love the NARS Descanso Stain Lip Pencil (£19.00). It's a satin finish so the shine that it gives looks lovely and doesn't leave you looking dead, which I find some nudes tend to do. With a smokey eye, this looks amazing, so great for the evenings and any other special occasions you may have coming up.

For the slightly more brighter, yet still very wearable shades we have MAC Plumful (£15.00) of course. This is my favourite lipstick! This mauve-y pink brightens up my face and adds a bit of colour without being too overwhelming. If you are only just venturing out of nudes-ville this would be a great one to try if you want something different. Similarly, the Bite Beauty Chablis High Pigment Lip Pencil ($24.00) is another one to try. This is brightest one out of all six, but still one I think is more than appropriate for the daytime and the evenings. You can't exactly throw this one on as it is pigmented so some precision is needed. This is a raspberry pink which can be sheered out or built up to a more intense colour.
Finally for a new addition to my lipstick collection, we have the Clarins Instant Lip Perfecter Balm in 05 Red (£18.00). Although this is meant to be a red shade, I find it's sheer enough to be more of a raspberry. These smell absolutely amazing and they feel so dreamy on the lips! This is one you can just throw on and looks beautiful for any occasion.