If you're anything like me and hate waiting around for your nails to dry and they always smudge after 10 minutes because you're trying to do something else, Barry M have released a new formula of nail polish which promises a speedy drying time, so these should have you covered.

The line contains many pastel shades perfect for spring and summer, and for the price you pay like all Barry M nail polishes, these really aren't too bad at all. Granted, the first coat can be a tad on the streaky side, but with opaque pastel shades that is normally the case, regardless of brands. The two shades I went for were In a Heart Beat and Road Rage (although the labelling on the bottles differ from the Boots website, so hopefully you'll get which ones I'm talking about!). The latter is a shade I love, its a minty green, blue-y shade which is one of my favourite colours! In a Heart Beat is a shade I haven't really come across before and I definitely don't have anything else like this. It's a pinky peach shade which is quite girly and not something I would normally pick, but I'm trying to branch out. There's a couple more shades I'm interested in trying from the line, including a soft pale blue and lilac shade, because I don't have enough lilacs already!

For the most important factor, do they dry quickly?! And yes, yes they do. Within about 10 minutes you can go about your daily business and not have to worry your nails smudging. These don't last amazing well on the nails however, but for £3.99 you can't go wrong.