If you love LUSH but find the store a bit overwhelming, then keep reading and I'll share with you my must haves!
When I think of LUSH the first things I think of are the bath products, starting with a bubble bar. My favourite is The Comforter (£4.75), you can break this up and use it multiple times which is great and I tend to get about 4 uses out if it, but obviously you can use as little or as much as you would like. It has a very sweet fruity smell, the kind that makes me think of LUSH, and it turns you bath pink! Next on the cards is another bath product, Bubblebear Luxury Bath Melt (£4.75), this unfortunately is limited edition, but if they bring it back this Christmas, stock up! This has a soft vanilla scent and is very moisturising on the skin so you can afford to skip the moisturiser.

Shower gels are something else I love to try out from LUSH and It's Raining Men (£4.75, 100g)  has to be my favourite I've tried. Scented with honey it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky and of course smelling great. The thing I love about LUSH shower gels is that they come in 3 different sizes so if you travel a lot you can pick up a cute little mini.

Moving on to skincare, this is probably my favourite product ever from LUSH, it's the Tea Tree Water (£7.95, 250g). I use this everyday without fail and I can definitely see a huge difference in my skin, it looks fresher and I don't tend to get any blemishes, touch wood! I normally spray this onto a cotton pad or you can spray it straight from the bottle which is a great wake up call in the morning!
Finally, masks are another thing I love to get from LUSH, mainly because they are made with super fresh, natural indigents. My recent favourites is the Mask Of Magnaminty (£9.75, 315g), it has a minty scent which perks up and cools the skin, and you can also use this on your body too which I love. If you suffer with little bumps or blemishes on your shoulders, arms or back and of course face, this is a mask I would definitely recommend you trying out!