Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to run you through my top 5 favourite blushes of the moment! I've fallen back in love with my powder blushes (who would have thought?!) and I wanted to round up my top picks. 

For me, the formula has to be a combination of something that blends well, has a nice amount of pigment to it but not too much that's it's easy to go overboard, and lasts well on the skin. Blush is unfortunately one of those makeup products that does tend to fade throughout the day, so when you're applying don't be afraid to pack on more than you think. A couple of tools I love to use when applying powder blushes is my Zoeva 126 Luxe Cheek Finish, and an angled cheek brush I've had for years from Sephora (similar here) - both are a lovely size and deposit a good amount of product whilst being able to blend the product out seamlessly.


So my top five are...

NARS Madly // I really have a soft spot for NARS blushes, I know Orgasm is a cult favourite, but personally the shade Madly takes the cake for me every time. It's the perfect blush to wear when you want a little something something on your cheeks, but you're not after a pink or a coral - this leans more nude. I love this with a smokey eye and a deeper lip, I feel like it compliments that really well. It also has a little bit of shimmer running throughout so it doesn't appear flat or muddy on the skin. 

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in First Love // I was desperate to get my hands on one of the CT blushes when they were first released and I'm very happy I did. First Love it a beautiful pink, with a slightly darker and more warm shade in the middle. You can stick to the outer ring if you want a softer look, or focus more on the centre for a real pop of colour - me being me, I like to mix the two together for the best of both world (Hannah Montana reference coming at ya). 

Hourglass Dim Infusion // I could wear this blush everyday honestly, I'm obsessed! Hourglass just know how to do powder products like no other. They are incredibly finely milled, making them a dream to apply, and the slight shimmer marbled throughout keeps everything looking very fresh and youthful. This colour is somewhere in between a pink and a coral for me - perfect for the spring and summer! 

Laura Mercer Lush Nectarine // Another coral and this one is the most shimmery of the bunch, but not in a chunky glitter kind of way. This gives such a nice glow to the cheeks and looks perfect paired with a good bronzer! That real summer vibe - even though we're definitely heading into Autumn...I find this to be such a flattering shade and it always appears very glowy and fresh on the cheeks. 

Benefit Galifornia // I would say this is most similar to Lush Nectarine, but a tiny bit pinker. This is also a more shimmery option so if you like that youthful glow on the cheeks I would recommend looking into this! It also smells lovelyyy, like peaches - which I guess is also the perfect way to describe the shade, peachy!