I love skincare, but there's certainly a time and place for spending an hour in front of the mirror applying 3 different masks, 2 cleaners, 3 serums and an oil. Oh, and don't forget, toner, eye cream and of course at least 4 different moisturisers. An exaggeration maybe, but, day-to-day that's just not my jam.

Today I'm going to focus on a quick (AM) skincare routine which will leave your skin prepped and ready for makeup, but without taking up precious time. These products are particularly aimed at those of you who may suffer with dryer skin in these cold winter months - so let's get into it.

Of course cleanser is the first step. I love the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser for both morning and evening use. It leaves my skin feeling so clean, yet nourished and brightened at the same time. The soy protein helps to maintain skin health, whilst the cucumber and rosewater extracts keep everything nice and balanced. The consistency is like a gel/cream hybrid, so it's lovely and refreshing in the morning. I'll use a pea sized amount all over my skin, and remove with a wash cloth. This is the most important step for me in the morning, so everything else that follows is just a bonus!

A serum is super important for me in the morning as I love the dose of hydration it gives. I've nearly finished up my Clinique Moisture Surge Serum and I desperately need to run out and grab a new one. If you suffer with dry/dehydrated skin this is a great product to have on hand. It's a very lightweight formula which sinks in beautifully, leaving your skin feeling super nourished and hydrated. Can't be without this at the moment!

The final two products I like to mix - just makes things a little bit easier and I much prefer to use facial oils in this way when I'm applying them in the morning before makeup. The two products in question are the Bobbi Brown Vitamin E Enriched Face Base, and the Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate. The BB Face Base is such a an amazing morning moisturiser. Never have I used something which is so nourishing and moisturising, yet sits beautifully underneath makeup. I'll scoop a little bit out, then add a few drops of the oil for ultimate hydration. The oil is great at brightening the skin and adding a load of radiance. Can't really ask for anything more than that when I wake up looking like a zombie!