I have such a love for tinted bases in the warmer months. There's something about the easy application, sheer coverage, and natural finish which just screams summer to me. I've picked up a fair few different versions of the BB cream, CC, tinted type base products, and I do like the majority on the market. I wanted to give a new one a go this year, and I think it may just be my favourite yet.

I haven't tried many Smashbox products, even though a lot of their primers etc have such a good rep - if you have a primer from them you love, please let me know down below as I'd love to give them a go! Any who, back to the purpose of this post! Their base products have always been under my radar, and I'm so happily I finally decided to pick one up!

I went for their BB Water Cream, which is Smashbox's answer to a tinted base. First impressions, the packaging sucks. It has a pipet applicator which doesn't give out much product at all and I end up just swiping the wand all over my face! A pump or tube would have been preferable, but we can't have it all!

Formula wise, I really really love this stuff. It is very light-weight, as the name would suggest, but I find it gives me a little bit more coverage than I was expecting. It's certainly light-coverage, but it was super buildable and did a great job at evening out my skin tone. It also lasted really really well for this type of product. It did fade throughout the day, but it wasn't doing so in a patchy, uneven fashion, it just continued to look nice and fresh. I was genuinely surprised when I look in the mirror after a few hours of application.
Now, I'm at work all day, so I certainly give any products I'm trying out a run for their money. I do my makeup at around 7:30am, and it doesn't get washed off until around 8/9pm, so that's a decent amount of time to test something out for. This certainly stuck around until the 3/4pm mark before I could really see it start to disappear. That's pretty good in my books for a product like this, I'll take nearly 10 hours of wear time!

I normally apply this with a beauty blender, or a dense foundation brush. I find it lends itself well to both methods, but I feel a brush blends it out more effortlessly and is a bit quicker as is it such a thin product. I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for reference.

Overall I'm really happy I picked this up. The coverage is beautiful, it sits well on the skin and it's such a great one to wear all day!