Summer is one of my favourite times for makeup, more specifically, lipsticks! You can play it really simple with your skin and eyes, but as soon as you add a bright lip it looks like you've spent hours on your look. I mean, who doesn't love that?! I have a couple of repeats from last year, buuut I do tend to reach for the same types of shades year after year. 

After putting this post together, I've realised that every lip option I'm sharing today is a different formula, so hopefully there will be something you like the sound of. Price wise, they all fall within that mid-highend price point, but I'm keen to share some more drugstore lippies with you all soon! Keep your eyes peeled for that. 

I always seem to come back to lip pencils in the summer. I find they last really well throughout the warmer weather, and you rarely need to touch them up. I have a few formulas that I love, but this MAC lip pencil in Trust In Red has been my go-to. Don't let the name fool you, it's not a red at all, at least on me. As you can see from the photo below, it's a gorgeous raspberry pink shade. These last super well on the lips and they are a really easy-to-use formula which isn't drying. 

Charlotte Tilbury kills it when it comes to lipsticks, I love so many of the shades that woman has released. She can do no wrong in my eyes! Miranda May has been become a shade I go back to time and time again, especially in the Spring and Summer. If you love a good coral, this will be right up your street. It leans more on the pink side, so I find it looks extra brightening on the skin. It's a matte formulation, but not drying and applies like a dream. 

I'm always up for a balmy lipstick, they feel great on the lips and add so much more hydration than other lipsticks on the market. The Fresh Sugar Balm in Berry is such a beautiful purple shade. I'm not one to go for a shade like this, it's very bright and falls more on the true purple/berry side, as the name suggests. I've been adoring this paired over the top of the MAC liner I previously mentioned. I find the balm adds a lovely glossy touch and bit gives my lips a bit more nourishment. These smell amazingggg, and glide on like a dream.

I use the term 'liquid lip' loosely here as it's far from your traditional, very matte formulation you may think of. The Nars Playpen Velvet Lip Glide is such a unique formula, and I find the shade range a really nice curated selection that are all perfect for this time of year. This shade in particular is a lovely pinky peach which looks beautiful on the skin. This is pretty much my summertime nude, it's certainly not as bright as the other products I've talked about today, but it's still a gorgeous dose of colour. It's definitely worth giving these a go if you like the idea of a liquid lip, but find them way too drying on the lips. These apply quite glossy, and as they don't fully dry down they remain creamy throughout the day.