If you've followed me for a while you know I rave about the L'Oreal Cushion Foundation. Something about the light-weight formula really entices me and I love the cushion concept. Since that launch, there have been a few more hit the market which I have wanted to try, including a couple from the drugstore. I have yet to try a high-end contender, but am definitely open to splurging if my love affair continues. In this post I wanted to compare a couple from the drugstore, as to my surprise, they are actually rather different. I was expecting very similar things from these two, especially in the finish and coverage they both offer, but actually there's a few more differences that I'm excited to share with you.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Cushion Foundation: This product is what started the while cushion craze for me. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about and I'm so happy that led me to this. It's a very light coverage, similar to a tinted moisturiser in that it covers the bare minimum to create a fresh complexion. To apply this one, I like to use a beauty blender to create a natural and flawless finish on the skin. It's definitely a dewy product, so if you have oily skin I probably wouldn't recommend this. Even when my skin is more normal than dry, I can find it gets a tad too oily throughout the day, so I do have to powder; just something to note if you don't have dry skin.

For day-to-day I do think this is a really lovely base option if you're a fan of fuss free makeup and maybe you just wanted a little something on the skin for work or school. You can build this up to a more light-medium coverage, but I would say that's as far as you can go with this product, it's definitely not full-coverage. Even though it's a lighter formula than I'm used to, I do find it stays put well throughout the day and does't oxidise, or wear off to much.

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation: This one is £1 cheaper than the L'Oreal, if that sways you at all, and definitely has more coverage. I would say this is a medium coverage straight off the bat, without having it build it up. It's also a bit more satin on the skin, it dries down more than the L'Oreal one, leaving your skin with a bit less sheen, but I don't hate that, especially in the warmer weather when my skin is more oily. If you're wanting to try out a cushion foundation, but don't want to skimp on coverage, I think this is a great option. It still feels very light-weight on the skin and is very nice to apply, it blends into the skin effortlessly.

I'm a huge fan of this in the evenings, especially as it's staying lighter for longer. I don't know about you guys but when I go out I do like to pile on a bit more makeup than normal, and when it's dark out, that's totally cool. In the summer however, if you go out anytime before 8/8:30, it'll still be light out, so any full coverage base I find very detectable on the skin, this however skin manages to look natural and flawless, making it perfect for evening wear.

The technical differences;
Price: L'Oreal £14.99, Maybelline £13.99
Shade Range: L'Oreal 7, Maybelline 7
SPF: L'Oreal SPF25, Maybelline SPF20

On paper, they don't look that different, but in application they definitely do. All in all, I love them both, I prefer the L'Oreal one on the daily as it has a very dewy and lightweight finish, and I like the Maybelline one when I feel like I'm after a more medium coverage base.