Aaahh highlighters...the best makeup item ever, right? There are so many on the market these days, from so many different brands, it can be hard to figure out the best one to suit you. I have a fair few in my collection which I bring out on different occasions depending on the look I want to go for, so I've put together a selection which will hopefully cater to your highlighting needs. Okay...desires...not needs...

The subtle glow:
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light: These powders from Hourglass are great for those of you who really don't want a heavy highlight. You can easily use them as a powder to set your make up, or concentrate the product on the high points of your face for a natural glow. This is one of the lightest powders they do, so it works perfectly as a highlight. It's very finely milled and the shimmer isn't chunky at all. The champagne shade compliments many different skin tones and is one I reach for when I want a very natural, effortless glow to the skin.

The intense glow:
Becca Champagne Pop: I couldn't do this post without mentioning one which is a real standout, glow to the gods product. For me, this is Becca's Champagne Pop. This is such a gorgeous, peachy champagne shade which packs a punch. It's very buttery, blends beautifully, and leaves the skin with a stunning highlighted glow. This one I reach for in the evenings as it's super pigmented and isn't for the faint hearted. You can definitely blend this out for a more diffused dewy look, but for the most part, it's one I reach for when I want a very blinding glow.

The day-to-day glow: 
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette: For everyday use, I like something in-between the two I've already spoken about. This one from CT is honestly beautiful, it's probably my favourite highlighter ever! It gives you a glow for sure, but it seems to create the most airbrushed finish to the skin - it's incredible stuff. It's more golden than the others I'm mentioning, but I love that in the summertime to create a lovely bronzy, glowy cheek look. I think as it also has the bronze shade, I find myself reaching for this a lot day-to-day as has my cheek needs covered. 

The creamy glow: 
Benefit Watts Up: Cream highlighters are something I love, but don't own many of. This one from Benefit is so so lovely, I went through a phase of wearing this every single day, I was obsessed. It recently took a trip down the back of my radiator, but I'm happy to have it back now!! This looks flawless on the cheekbones, and also as a brow bone highlight. It's the perfect champagne shade - can you tell I'm all about the champagne glow? - and blends beautifully too. I'm not a fan of the little sponge thing on the end, I prefer to use my fingers or beauty blender to blend this out, but the finish is flawless every time. In the summer this is lovely as I tend to reach for creamier formulas. 
The glow-from-within:
Becca Backlight Priming Filter: I'm a huge fan of using highlighting primers, or liquid highlighters, underneath my foundation to create a natural, dewy glow all over. This one from Becca also works great mixed in with foundation to add a subtle glow and to tone down any heavy coverage base. If you're starting out with highlights, this is a great route to go down as it's pretty fool proof and doesn't take much skill or accuracy to apply. I love the glow this one gives, very golden and dewy, and just looks like you have very healthy skin.

So there's my little highlighter run-down. I hope you found this helpful if you're in the market for a new glowy companion, or if you're starting out with makeup and want to pick the best highlighter for you. There are still loads of highlighters I have yet to try, so please leave your favourites down below so I have an excuse to pick up another one...or three!