Travel minis are the one thing I have a hard time throwing away. I keep a box under my vanity which is filled with sachets and mini pots of various lotions and potions. My mum has a similar set-up, so I’ll blame her for my hoarder-like nature.  All those little samples you’ve got from beauty boxes and gift sets will come in handy one day, I promise! Lately I’ve been staying here there and everywhere as I’m working away from home, so I’ve been really trying to pack as many minis with as possible to save valuable bag space.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser: I know that this isn’t technically under the 100ml mark, however they do have a smaller version (I promise) I just don’t have it at the moment. When it comes to travelling I like to take items I know I can rely on to keep my skin looking and feeling great. This is a lovely fuss-free moisturiser which nourishes the skin, and is a great one to use under make-up as it sinks in quickly.  They have also just released this with SPF30, another great reason to pick it up.

NourishPeptide Serum: I have been loving this lately. It’s exactly what my dehydrated skin needs around this time of year. I can’t do my morning skincare routine without it, and this handy mini size has been in living in my skincare bag. The smell is a lovely citrus scent and the serum itself is infused with vitamin C, one of the best hydrating ingredients out there. My skin drinks this up!!

Kiehl’sAvocado Eye Treatment: I feel like Kiehl’s is such a great brand to go for if you have dry and sensitive skin, their products tick every box for me. This is a lovely eye cream which is rich and hydrating under the eyes, the avocado is also really soothing. You can buy this smaller size straight off the website, which I love, as you don’t have to pick up a whole gift set, or wait for it it to be included in a beauty box, just to get a travel size.

OriginsGinzing Moisturiser: Origins do some lovely gift sets all year round, I would highly suggest checking them out. They always include a great travel size moisturiser which is the perfect addition to your holiday skincare stash. This one is particular is great to use in the mornings as it’s really invigorating and hydrating. It’s more of a gel formula so it sits really well underneath makeup. 

ClarinsHydraquench Moisturiser: For the evenings I like something a little richer, and this mini Clarins moisturiser is perfect. I’m so tempted to pick up the full-size, as I love how plump it leaves my skin and the hydration it gives.

Liz EarleSkin Tonic: I fee like toners are the one thing I always forget in my travel skincare bag. I never seem to have any minis around so they are always left behind. This Liz Earle one was in a gift set they were doing and the size is perfect. I love this product too, and you can buy it in a spray bottle as well, so it’s super easy to use. It’s very soothing, and I know if my skin is having a moment, I can rely on this to bring it back to normality.

Sol de Janeiro BrazilianBum Bum Cream: This product has litrally been everywhere since it launched on Cult Beauty in the UK. I only have the mini size and it reminds me of summer holidays so much! It has the nicest scent ever, it’s like a sweet tropical cocktail – hence why it reminds me of summer – and it’s also a lovely velvety formula.

I’m also really into keeping sachet masks. I find sachets a tricky one as once you’ve opened them, they are hard to store as the product just dries up or leaks out. Masks though, you only use once anyway so I love to keep these on hand so I can try out something new. Masks also come in large containers, so they aren’t the best things to travel with, and won’t be on the top of your priority list. These sachets take up no room at all so I love to throw a few of these in, especially for flights.