I think facial oils are the most important step to invest in when it comes to your evening routine. I like to think of the sandwich theory…your bread is the cleanser, and moisturiser, nothing too fancy, just something to get the job done. Then the filing is your serum or treatment oil, now that’s where we want the good stuff!

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial: I’ve never been one to stray too far from my beloved Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and even when I do, more often than not I’ll go back to it in a matter of weeks. This however, I’ve repurchased, which means it must be good!!
Sarah Chapman is a gorgeous skincare brand from the UK, I feel like their kind of known for their amazing treatment facial oils, so I had to try one out.

This has a lovely thick, oil texture. Not thick in a bad way, thick in an ‘oh man this feels luxurious’ way. The only thing that annoys me is you can’t see how much product you’re using as the bottle is completely opaque. This is more beneficial for the product, as the sunlight won’t disturb the ingredients and make them go bad, but it just means you run out of it one day with no real warning. Aside from that, I do like the pump, it’s very easy to use and doesn’t make using an oil too much of a faff.

The way it feels on the skin is amazing. It’s so hydrating and leaves my skin plump and nourished when I wake up. I have normal/combo skin, I don’t have too many problem areas, but I do get the odd dry patch, oily t-zone, and a blemish from time-to-time. Even when I feel a bit oilier, like now the weather is warming up, it’s still not too heavy on the skin, it sinks in really well.

I take 1-2 pumps, and pat it into my skin. I like to use patting motions first, then go in and massage the product, just for that extra little bit of pampering. The fact it’s a thicker formula means that you have a bit of play time with the the product, as it won’t sink in instantly, so take a minute or so to give yourself a little massage, it’ll feel wonderful I promise!

I’d definitely recommend this as a fab treatment oil to incorporate into your evening routine. They have a morning version too which I’m likely to pick up to see how it compares. I’m on my second bottle now, so that really is a good sign.