I’ve never heard of a product – aside from those DIY lemon recipes you see travelling around the internet – that will actually remove fake tan.  Quite a feet in the beauty industry if you ask me. And the brand to do it – Bondi Sands – an Australian tanning company fairly new to the UK market. So, the big question, does it actually work?

Bondi Sands Self-Tan Eraser:
The bottle recommends you to leave it on for 5 minutes before washing it off, to let it work its magic. Note: Do not apply this to freshly shaved limbs, or if you have very sensitive skin, I think you would regret that decision…it does sting a tiny bit. If you’re after a natural product to leave your skin feeling nourished, this is not that. Initial reaction aside, I was impressed with how this worked.

The instructions say to use it at least 3 days after tanning. I was approaching day 7 and looking like an orange and white patch-work quilt, so I was ready to put it to use. It’s a foam consistency that once rubbed in lathers up to more of a creamy formulation. The smell is not awful, quite fruity, so no complaints there. The main areas I targeted were my feet, legs and arms, focussing it on my knees as this is where my tan tends to ware off in the most unflattering way - they literally look like I’ve been kneeling in orange paint…not a good look. Once it was ready to wash it off I grabbed my exfoliating mitts and went to the shower. It does say on the bottle you can use just a cloth, or exfoliating gloves to remove the product. I found just a cloth didn’t get those harder to remove areas like my ankles, knees and elbows, but did work fine on the rest of my body. For those areas I had to use some exfoliating gloves. These are super cheap and you can get them from most places so that’s no stress.

You’ll see the water turn a lovely shade of tan once you’ve started the removal process, so you know it’s working. It didn’t take too long to remove; it was just a faff having to switch weapons half way through to tackle different areas, but in future I now know to just stick to the mitts and they’ll get the job done. Safe to say, it did remove my patchy tan! 

I would definitely reach for this again; I think it’s a fab product to have around in case you do ever end up with a dodgy tan. It’s nice to have the option to start from square one when reapplying too.

Have you tried a tan remover before?