Perle de Coco Body Lotion
& Other stories is a brand I've really fallen for, especially their bath and body products. The chic packaging, reasonable prices and scents will have you wanting more for sure. I picked up a couple of their body products a year or so ago, and I wanted to see what else they have on offer. I came across the Perle de Coco scent, and oh boy, this stuff is good. 

I was looking for a new body lotion and I wanted to give the & Other Stories formula try. The consistency is very lightweight, it sinks in beautifully but still left my skin feeling very nourished and hydrated. I'm trying really hard to get my body looking it's best before Summer roles around, so I needed a body lotion I couldn't wait to use every day and this is definitely that. 

Moving onto the scent. It's describes as a milky coconut with warm vanilla and sweet caramel, what's not to love, I mean really...It is sweet, no doubt about that, but it's not a sweet scent I could get sick of easily, it still manages to be very fresh. If you want to try that Brazilian Bum Bum cream which had a moment on the internet last summer, this smells exactly the same, and I have both so you can trust me on that. If you're in the UK and you can't get hold of the Bum Bum cream, I would suggest giving this a try. It may not tone your booty (not that I actually feel the other one does...) but it will leave your skin with the same scent and feel. 

The packaging of these products are so so lovely. I love the pump, it makes is super easy to use and I love the chic white/neutral colour palette of the bottle. I've only tried this scent and their fig range, and I adore both of them, I'm excited to go back and smell some others. If you've tried any of their bath and body products please let me know your favourites, and if you pick this one up let me know what you think.