There are so many makeup products and brands at our disposal, it can be hard to decide what to buy and what to pass up. If you're starting out with makeup it can be really daunting figuring out what may work best for you, so here are some tips I have to hopefully make building your makeup collection as fuss free as can be...

1. Know your skin type
2. High-end isn't always better
3. As far as eyeshadows go, a good neutral palette is all you need
4. If you're buying online, look up as many swatches as you can
5. Drugstore mascaras are fab
6. Don't be afraid to ask for samples from department store brands
7. Read reviews if you're looking to invest in something
8. YouTube is a great way to learn the basics of makeup application 
9. Find your undertone; warm, neutral, or cool?
10. Play up your best features
11.  Liquid liner isn't an essential, a dark shadow works great for beginners
12. Learn how to work with your eye shape - again, YouTube
13. Two lip colours are all you really need; a good nude, and a good red
14. High-end brands, like Bobbi Brown, will be happy to give you a makeup consultation
  15. Buy a small makeup bag, large ones will have you overpacking like crazy
16. Good skin starts with skincare, good food, and water...not foundation
17. Leave your brow hairs to the professionals
18. Have a good selection of brushes and tools, brush sets are a great way to start
19. If you've tried a foundation in store, look at it in natural daylight before purchasing
20. Have fun with it and be yourself, it can always be washed off