Nudes are simply the best for day to day, and when you find a good one, it's hard to reach for anything else. I've tried loads of nude lipsticks, some more pink, and some more brown, and there are only a couple I would consider my perfect nudes! Currently I've been obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect which is part of her K.I.S.S.I.N.G range.

Bitch Perfect is a really pretty matte, pinky nude. I don't tend to go for matte nudes, but because this shade is so similar to my own lip colour, I think it looks really lovely and more subtle than other matte shades I've tried. MAC Patisserie is another one I love, if you have that, this is a similar colour, but Patisserie is more sheer and natural. Formula wise, the CT lipsticks are all really great, and for a nude I find this super long lasting, especially if I put it over a lip liner. I also find that if I want to make my lips appear that little bit bigger and fuller, it's really easy to achieve as this shade so similar to my own lips.

Matte lips are really popular and a great option if you're looking for something long lasting. If you're like me, and associate matte formulas with brights, I would highly recommend checking this out as it is such a nude lippie game changer!