I'm off to Corfu, Greece tomorrow - as you're reading this, I'll probably already be there soaking up the sun - and unfortunately checking in luggage would have cost £60 more per person, which to me, just isn't worth it and if you're looking at travelling on the cheap, an extra cost like that isn't ideal. We're going for 11 days, so I gave myself the challenge to save some cash and use hand luggage only. I've figured out a few tips and tricks as I've been going along, and I have travelled with hand luggage before so I thought I would share them with you today incase you're in the same boat as me.

They see me rollin'//
I can't stress enough how much rolling your clothes can save you so much space! I remember going on holiday and my sister rolling her clothes and telling me I should too, that was about 9 years ago and it's stuck with me ever since. It prevents creases which is amazing and I can fit so so much more than I ever thought I could into a little suitcase. I'm not sure what the magic is here, but I find I can really shove everything I want in so everything this is tightly packed.

Double check your liquids//
I know this is an obvious one, and you guys aren't stupid, you know you have a 100ml limit when it comes to packing liquids. I was so surprised as to how many beauty products I was able to take without decanting them, but always always always double check so you don't get caught out going through security. Another important tip is to have your liquids at easy reach. I am taking a handbag, my Longchamp Le Pliage, as well as a small suitcase, so I'll pop them in there so I can grab them easily and I don't have to open my suitcase up a million and one times.

Use the compartments in your suitcase wisely, or create your own//
Some suitcases are brilliant when it comes to separating your things by having pockets and different zipped compartments, the one I'm using doesn't, it only comes with one zipped side and one open side. On the zipped side I popped in my shoes I'm taking, it's only a couple of pairs and sandals and my flip flops, so nothing too bulky. I've also used this space for any extra bags, I'll use my Longchamp as a beach bag as it's really durable, so I've only added a smaller cross body and a small clutch for the evenings. I put the clutch in the cross body to save some more space. I actually use a Whistles dust bag which I got with one of their clutches, and I find it perfect to house all my undies. Using little bags like this is a great way to separate your clothes and it also makes everything a lot easier to unpack when you get to your destination. I also use a pouch from Kikki K, which I'll try to link here if I can find it, which I use for my electronics, so my chargers, adaptors and camera. I hate having cables floating around the bottom of my suitcase and bags, so this is a great way to keep them all together and neat.

Plan your outfits//
If you can plan your outfits and make sure you won't be packing anything you won't need that will work massively in your favour. I also find packing more simple and staple items great as you can mix and match. There are loads of things on Pinterest about creating a holiday capsule wardrobe which I would highly recommend following to give you an idea of what to pack, and how you can save room clothes wise. I'm planning on doing a few outfit/lifestyle posts while I'm out there, so if you want to see some the outfits I've put together and what I did pack, make sure you're following me on Bloglovin'.