Use a primer//
Using a primer is one of the best ways to keep your makeup in place all day! In the warmer months I never go a day without applying a primer of some sorts, whether that be one that offers a lot of glow, or one designed to diminish pores, they are so great. The Benefit Porefessional is a fab one which mattifies the skin, as well as smoothing the skin, creating a lovely soft base for makeup. It stays matte all day and makes whatever you put on top last hours. Another one I love if you're after a more dewy look is the Dior Glow Maximiser Primer. Because this is primer, and not just a liquid illuminator, it's going to keep your makeup on for longer, but it doesn't make it look sweaty or oily.

Apply a long-lasting base//
I know that using a high coverage foundation isn't ideal in the summer, but long lasting doesn't always mean it has to be the highest coverage base you have, there are loads that I love and use in the summer. My all time favourite is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 24 Hour Foundation which is one I will always reach for if I want something that is going to stay put all day. It's a medium coverage, and leaves the skin looking natural and velvety. The texture is like a mousse, which I found interesting and reminded me of the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse days...aah, good times...but it isn't cakey at all! If you have dryer patches of skin, this doesn't settle, it's one of the only foundations that looks good when I'm having a dodgy skin day.  To set your foundation is place, a powder is key. There are loads I love and use but lately I've been loving a light dusting of the Bare Minerals Original Foundation which is a powder foundation. I don't use this to add extra coverage, I just use a duo fibre brush to add a light layer under my eyes and down my t-zone. Using a duo fibre brush will pick up less product so it doesn't cake. Another Tarte base product I love for the longevity is their Amazonian Clay Blushers, I have the shade Dollface which is a very pretty fuchsia pink. I can sometimes find blushers can fade a bit patchy, especially if you get a bit sweaty, but this one stays looking fresh all day. Powders are always a good bet if you want something to last all day as they're less likely to slip and slide around your face.

Set those brows//
I do this all year round as my brows can be pretty crazy and unruly. You do not want your brows melting off, it's not a good look, so just pop on your favourite brow gel and you'll be good to go! The one I always reach for is the Benefit Gimme Brows which is perfect for adding a bit of colour and shape, as well as setting them in place. If I don't have time to properly fill in my brows, a few strokes of this through the hairs adds a nice amount of definition for day-to-day.

Use a long-lasting eyeshadow base//
Even if I'm not planning on wearing eyeshadow, I do like to apply a flesh coloured cream shadow to keep my eye lids matte and prevent my mascara from smudging. You can also use a concealer and a setting powder for this, but I love the shade of the Maybelline Creamy Beige Colour Tattoo so I always reach for this. It's a shade or two darker than my natural lids so it adds a nice amount of definition and shadow which I love. As far as drugstore shadows go, this is definitely my favourite formula and they have some gorgeous shades. My eyelids can get oily which in tern means my mascara can tend to smudge, so this prevents that from happening.

Line your lips//
Using a lip liner is great for two things; defining the shape of your lips, and making your lipstick last longer. I think everyone out there has experienced the sweaty upper's not pleasant but we don't have to be ashamed! I find that my upper lip colour can fade away in the heat, but using a lip liner prevents that from happening and almost acts as a barrier to stop your lipstick from coming off.

Setting sprays are your best friend//
To finish everything off and really lock everything in place, use a setting spray, it will change your life. L'Oreal have a great one which is super comparable to the Urban Decay setting spray which is twice the price. The L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist really is a mist, it's very fine and doesn't feel wet or tacky on the skin which I think is really great. In the summer, I can't live without a setting spray, they're also fab for freshening up your makeup throughout the day and they feel lovely and cool when it's warm outside!