I always look forward to a summer holiday and this year was no different, especially after the days and days of rain we've had in the UK... The BF and I decided to go to Corfu, Greece for 11 days to soak up the sea and hot air, it was lush! My parents have a house on the upper east side of the island, so we stayed there and had a good explore of the area as well as Corfu Town itself. Far from the hip and happening town of Kavos, the east side is full of loads of little bays, cute tavernas (restaurants) and loads of cats, need I say more?! 

The flight takes about 3 hours from the UK, maybe a little less, and it's such a lovely Greek island to visit if you have the chance; also at 30 degrees each day it was the perfect summer getaway. Just a heads up if you are heading out that way, it's bloody hilly, so be prepared for a good leg workout on the daily, but that does mean a good set go pins when you come home, so, swings and roundabouts! 
I really wanted to share a few favourite spots with you and even though these photos don't do the island and the beautiful blue sea justice, I wanted to post them never the less! 

We ended up hiring a boat for the day which was such a nice way to see more of Corfu, I would definitely recommend doing the same if you ever visit. There are loads of places to hire boats scattered across the island, and for a 4-5 person boat the average price was €75, so its a bit of a treat, but it's worth doing, and they aren't as hard to drive as you may think! 

A lot of the bays you can only get to by boat so they're super secluded and private which is perfect for a quick dip and a lay on the beach. There are also loads on restaurants which are right on the beach and are so lovely to dock up and grab some traditional grub! If you don't fancy hiring one for the day, loads of the tavernas will pick you up by boat which is a great experience and feels very luxe arriving for dinner on a boat! 

We weren't staying that close to Corfu Town, but wanted to pop in for a day, especially as they had a Sephora, two in fact...oh my gosh heaven!! The main town is so beautiful and is situated right by sea so it's super photogenic and some of boats which go past are so dreamy, and probably way out my budget...
There are loads of little shops, side streets and cafes to poke your nose into and the feel of the place is so friendly and welcoming. There were some gorgeous houses, all pretty colours, so taking full advantage, I snapped away for you all!