I go through phases of sleeping really well and then not being able to get to sleep until the early hours of the morning - not ideal - but to ensure I'm always getting a good amount of shut eye, there's one product I reach for.

I put off purchasing the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for a while as I thought to myself how good can it really be, and if you're wondering the same thing, it's pretty darn good FYI! Struggling to get the sleep is something I used to really struggle with, but this combined with just generally being a bit busier during the day really helps. The scent is very lavender based, of course, and spa like which creates the perfect atmosphere for winding down and getting to sleep quickly. It's definitely worth the hype, although if you have some lavender oil laying around it will probably work just as well.

With this you're meant to spray it on your pillow and duvet and generally in the atmosphere around your bed before you hit the sack and it sends you off in a nice deep sleep. My only pet peeve with this is it can feel a bit wet on your pillow after you spray, but it does sink in so you won't have wet hair by the time you wake up! The spray is really good and it's a fine mist so it's not too intense and it really desperses in the air nicely. You get 75ml which is good, but I can feel myself getting through this quite quickly as I use it every night, but it works so what can I say.

This Works is a really lovely natural brand so you can guaruntee everything houses the best ingredients that are kind to the skin and body so you shouldn't have any irritation. If you suffer with not being able to fall asleep, or you want something to aid the quality of your sleep, this is something I would highly recommend adding to your bedside.