Since being at uni and travelling between seeing the boyfriend and going back home, I've learnt a few tips and tricks on how to not overpack my makeup bag. I'm no way saying I'm good to go with about five products shoved into a little pouch, but a small makeup bag can do me fine - for a few days - and I thought it would be helpful to share what I do.

Pick a small makeup bag. 
If you're on the hunt for a new makeup bag, or maybe you have hundreds already and you're searching for one to take on your next trip, go small. This ensures you're not bringing your entire foundation collection with you as you physically won't be able to. This was challenging for me at first as I found all the lip products I wanted to take just would fit, and I really had to narrow it down to my favourites. By only carrying your favourite products and being super selective with what you take will mean nothing will go unused.

Find a cheek palette you love. 
I adore cheek products and go heavy on the bronzer and highlighter on the daily. When it came to packing up my makeup bag I found taking a separate bronzer, blush and highlight took up way too much room, so by finding one single cheek palette containing all of the above I was surly onto a win. The drugstore offer so many amazing palettes to chose from which will have you covered for a small price.

Ditch the glass bottles. 
I own many foundations which are in glass bottles that I love, and have made the mistake of travelling with. They're bulky, heavy and are normally larger than base products in plastic packaging, so I would advise you to hunt through your collection and pack one in a nice small plastic bottle.

Brush and roll. 
If you've ever purchased a brush set before, or been gifted one, you probably have a brush roll lying around. Use it! If you don't have one, I would always recommend investing in a brush set as most come with them, or searching the internet for a brush roll. It will save you, and your brushes, when it comes to travelling. I always used to shove my brushes in the top of my makeup bag and they got so much dirtier and took up too much room, so I started using a brush roll which I pack separately and it's something I would highly recommend.

A day and night lip option. 
Lipsticks is always where I would grab a handful - literally - and shove them in my makeup bag, forcing it to close. I've taught myself to deal with one day option, a nice pink nude, and one evening option, maybe a red or berry pink shade. I always throw in a lip liner too, go nude as this will be more universal. I've found by just carrying a couple of lip options around makes it so much easier to fit everything in and I find I'm not taking more than I will realistically wear. If you do like to carry more lip options with you, be sneaky and place a few in your handbag to save space!