Sleep is something I hugely appreciate, but getting to sleep I can find challenging. I'm a night owl by nature, but that means the mornings are mostly feared and I find it hard to switch of when I want to sleep, and that's something I've been trying to change. After reading countless articles and blog posts on the tricks of getting to sleep soundly, I thought I'd add my own to the mix and share them with you today.

Get off the laptop
This is one of those practice what you preach situations, and one I may not be the best at. Even though when I switch off any technology I can find myself switching off too, it's still something I can struggle to do. Lately, I've been trying my hardest to put my laptop down an hour or so before I head to bed, to ensure my brain isn't switched on when I hit the pillow. Don't get me wrong, I do watch an episode or two on TV, but honestly, it doesn't have the same effect on me as being on laptop all night, if anything it helps me to relax further and stop any thoughts from running around in my head. Try reading a book before bed too to ensure ultimate relaxation too

Try a calming tea
There are loads of teas on the market with ingredients such as camomile and lavender, the perfect sleep agents. Just before you go to bed it's nice to have a cuppa to warm up and relax the body, so why not kill two birds with one stone and go for one with calming properties to help relax the mind too. I love having a cup of tea in the bath to really calm my senses - but don't get too comfortable in there!

Invest in a pillow or room spray
If you're a fan of room sprays, why not pick one up which is designed to help you get to sleep faster, I definitely find them helpful. The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Mist is very loved, as well as the Rituals Yin Bed and Body Mist, both of these have a calming relaxing scent to help you drift off. I love to spray these on my pillows before I go to bed, I find they really help me get to sleep faster.

Keep busy
It's an obvious one maybe, but it's key. If you're out and about during the day, exercising, working and just generally being a busy bee, you'll naturally be more tired when the night comes. I always find if I've been out for the whole day, or working, I look forward to going to bed and can do with a lot more ease. If you work from home, go for a walk or to the gym after your day.

Always make your bed
Again, this is something on a busy day I can forget, but it's an important tip for the mind. Once you get out of bed, stay out, and make it. If you're one to sit and laze around for the whole morning, or the whole day, the idea of a 'bed' will start to lose it's meaning. This is something I've recently been trying as I do love the comfort of my sheets, it may sounds crazy, but it works. Keep your bed as something you sleep in, and mentally, it'll be a lot easier to drift off.