I was so happy to see that a drugstore brand has come out with a makeup setting spray! I love my Urban Decay one, as does everyone, but having a cheaper alternative is always fab. I had high hopes for the L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist and I have to say I do really love it.

The packing is very simple and the spray top is also great and disperses a nice fine mist which doesn't make the skin feel wet, just dewy. When I first used this, it did feel very similar to the Urban Decay Setting Spray, in that you can feel it on the skin but it's not too much and sinks in quickly. It freshens up your skin and I find it great if I'm having a heavy base day as it meshes everything together and makes my skin look dewy and natural.

When it's cold and rainy outside my makeup lasts for a about 5 minutes which isn't ideal, so this has become a firm favourite in my everyday makeup routine. I normally spritz this after I've done my base and eye makeup, but before mascara, to set everything in place. Now for the lasting power...I do find it keeps my makeup fresh and on my skin for the whole day. I'm not one to wear my makeup for longer than I need to, so on an average day my makeup will be on my skin for around 6 hours, and this mist does keep it on for that whole time I'm glad to report.

If you've been really keen to try out the Urban Decay Setting Spray, I would definitely recommend saving some cash and going for this instead. They feel very similar on the skin and the lasting power I find is super comparable too.