MAC eyeshadows are one of those products that I go through phases using, as with any palette, one minute I'm obsessed and the next it's collecting dust. As indicated by this post, right now, I'm loving my little MAC quad and I find it perfect for everyday. I'm currently working on the palette which holds 15 shadows, but that is a long time in the works, so maybe I'll share that with you in three years once it's complete...I would highly recommend these palettes if you love a good shadow selection, and the fact you can choose the shades yourself means you know none of them will be going to waste. The quad costs £5 and the l5 slot one costs £2.50, I'm not sure of the logic of that pricing, but moving on. You can buy the eyeshadows for £13 and depot them, or you can go for the £10 option and have them ready to put straight into the palette. At £10 a pop, it doesn't seem super pricey, but it's definitely not something you're going to want to complete in one trip, especially for the larger palette.

I wanted a nice mix of shadows which I could use on their own, or together, and I love the ones I have. On the top left I have 'Vanilla' which is a velvet finish. I love this shade as a highlight as it's the perfect creamy bone shade and the finish isn't really shimmery so it's perfect under the brow bone. For me, this is the perfect base, or highlight shade that I've found from MAC. To the left of this we have one of my favourites, as you may be able to see as I've hit pan. This is 'All That Glitters' which is a veluxe pearl. This is a beautiful shimmery peachy champagne which looks so nice on the lids and the inner corner. This is the fist MAC eyeshadow I purchased and it's such a cult in their range. For a darker crease shade I have 'Sable' which is a frost, meaning it's packed with shimmer. I don't find this one too glittery as such, it just adds a nice amount of shimmer to the eyes, and paired with 'All That Glitters' it makes for a really nice summery eye. It's a chocolate brown shade, with some lighter bronze shimmer running throughout. If I want a more Olsen type look, this all over the lid and smudged under the lower lash line looks fab. I think I may switch this up for a matte brown shade though, so let me know of any you love. Lastly, I have 'Carbon' which is a matte black and it's perfect for setting liner or using on the upper lash line for a some soft definition. I went through a phase of not using this, but since I've been setting my liner again I notice such a difference in the way it lasts on my eyes. I also love to use this as a liner as it creates a really soft, everyday look.