It seems like we have completely skipped through Autumn and headed straight into Winter, very sad, but I still wanted to put together a few things I have my eye on this season. 

1// Kate Spade Watch - I think Kate Spade do come really gorgeous watch designs and if you haven't checked them out already, you should. I adore the worn leather strap with the gold hardware, such a nice combo for this time of year.

2// Stripe Only Dress - I love dresses like this layered with tights and boots, it's by far one of my favourite looks for the fall. I do have a dress like this but due to bad washing machine choices it's more like a top so I'm in the market for a new one. I love the length of the sleeves and the key hole design on the back is very cute and feminine.

3//  Pieces Cape - Capes are another thing I'm all for this season and the colours of this one scream autumn to me. There is nothing better than being about to wear, what is basically a blanket, out and about.

4// Burberry Trench Coat - Completely out of my price range I know, but isn't is gorgeous?! I love trench coats, I think they're chic, put together, yet casual. They make great transitional pieces and Burberry is the dream people!

5// Topshop Boots - If you know me, you know my love for boots. These are gorgeous, the heel is a bit higher than I would usually go for but I love them and the buckles are a nice touch. May have to pick these up at a later date.

6// Navy Chloe Faye Bag - My oh my! Again, I can never actually afford it, but if I could I think navy is something different but still a safe neutral colour for the fall. I think the design of this is beautiful and I love that it has a long strap!

7// Charlotte Tilbury Godess Clay Mask - I have heard so many amazing things about this mask, it has been quite hyped up and I'm dying to try it. It's supposedly the mask that does it all, literally, it hydrates, clears pores and blackheads, and delays the skins ageing process...I'll take them all!

8// Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush - This seems like an odd one to put in but I've always had my eye on Bobbi Brown brushes, and this in particular is a great multi purpose face brush I can see myself getting a lot of use out of.

9// Charlotte Tilbury Marie Antoinette Cream Shadow - This women seriously knows her stuff when it comes to makeup and I had to stop myself from featuring her whole range of products! This shadow is a gorgeous bronze, taupe shade, right up my street. I've swatched it before and have been kicking myself ever since that I didn't pick it up. I am in London this week so we'll see!