Over the summer is definitely when I get into the habit of reading. With holidays and no university work, it seems like the perfect time and I'm trying to make it a more year round thing. There have been a few books which I've read, or in the process of, which I thought I would talk you through today.

The first one I really got my teeth into was Paula Hawkins 'The Girl on the Train' which is a fantastic thriller/drama fiction novel. If you want something that works your brain and is a real page turner this is for you. I won't spoil it too much if you're yet to pick this up, but it's written from three different perspectives and the end doesn't turn out as you may think - ooo - now moving on. Another fiction I've been reading is 'Paper Towns' by John Green which follows two teens in suburban Florida. If you grew up in a small town or village you'll find this very relatable and a good fun read. I'm only about 1/4 of the way through so can't comment too much but I'm really loving it so far.

Something a bit different now and my recent trip to Paris definitely spurred me on to give this a read. 'How to be Parisian' is one of those books I've always wanted to read but never ended up buying it until I had the excuse to. I love how casually this is written and the recipes and fun Parisian traditions filtered throughout makes it really unique and interesting to read. I finished this a few weeks ago and will probably end up going back and reading it all again - 100% recommend.