Going to Paris, Sephora was definitely on the list of things to do, and there was one about 5 minutes from our hotel...amazing! I went in for a few different brands and realised that none of those brands were stoked in the stores across Paris - I must have dragged my boyfriend around about 5 - but regardless, I did come out with a couple of bits.

When I was about 14 I went into my first Sephora with my mum in San Francisco and picked up their nail buffer, and ever since it's something I have to pick up! It's essentially a nail file with four different sides to provide different treatments for your nails, I love it for doing a quick at home manicure. I tend to be in the states every couple of years and this isn't something which will last a lifetime (especially the file side) so picking a new one up every now and then has worked out well for me. These aren't expensive so if you ever come a across one pop it in your basket.

After hearing endless things about their Matte Lip Creams I of course had to check them out. They had a few shades which caught my eye but I had to go for 01, which is a true red shade. I was so surprised at how lovely these felt on the lips, they weren't sticky or too thick and it lasted ages. I would definitely recommend these and I will be picking up some more!