Etsy Prints I Love

I think Etsy is one of my favourite places to shop for little bits for the home and stationary, the shops are super underrated and it's all amazing quality for good prices. Their art/print section is somewhere I find myself a lot, I love all the cools sayings and different things which look so simple yet elegant and chic. I'll have all these linked down below so you can check them out but I'm in love with them all! It's awesome how we now have access to all these independent designers via the internet so we can support them and their work worldwide. These are some of my favourites but I'm constantly coming across more which I add to my basket but never buy..oops.

Flamingo //
Love Typography //
New York is Always a Good Idea //
I'm Sorry for What I Said When I was Hungry //
Ferris Wheel //
Zebra Gold Foil //


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