If I'm sitting on my computer for the whole day there's a few things I like to keep at arms length if I feel like my body is starting to look as tired as I actually am. It's nice to treat your body, especially hands when they've at the keyboard all day, plus I hate looking down at them if they're dry and flakey.

To keep my lips hydrated throughout the day I keep a lip balm in every possible place I can around the house, desk included. The Nuxe Rev de Miel is a lovely intense matte balm which contains tiny grains to also exfoliate. I love to leave this on my lips as I work though the day as I can really feel it sinking in and doing it's thing. This is one of my favourites for making my lips feel baby soft.

For my hands there are a couple of things I keep on my desk to get them through the day, a good hand cream and a cuticle oil/nail cleanser. The former is a staple to keep your hands chap free and feeling fresh. I've been using the Liz Earle Superskin Hand Serum which has fresh scent and is great to prevent your hands from ageing. A cuticle oil or nail cleanser is also great to have around. Whilst you're typing away it can be a perfect time to give your nails a treat and I've been taking the Formula X Nail Cleanser, slapping that all over them and let them air dry. If you do this in the morning, let an hour or two go by, and your nails will be dry and look shinier and healthier, and it makes looking at them typing away not so bad!