This summer I really wanted to find a hair removal method which worked well and didn't mean I had to reach for my razor every day. My mum swears by her epilator and inspired me to give it a go, although she's a lot more brave with it than I am, so I did and here's what I thought.

I've used this on my arms and legs and have been pleased with the results is given me. When it first made contact with the skin I have to say I hurt like a b****, but once the area gets desensitised it really doesn't feel as bad. I like to describe it as an electronic plucking device, so like plucking individual brow hairs which you would do manually, this is an electric version which does that 10 times as fast. To get an idea of how long this hair removal method lasts, I did it a day or two before going on holiday for week and didn't have to use my razor once when I was out there and a good few days after coming back. When the hairs do grow back I find they grow back in patches and is a lot more gradual than when I shave, they also grow back finer too. My mum says that if you do it for long enough less and less hairs grow back, so I'm still waiting for that as I'm not convinced. 

Onto the epilator itself and I use the Braun Silk Epil 7 which is wireless so you don't have to be getting your legs tangled up in a wire. Obviously they aren't the cheapest to buy, but in the long run they will last a hell of a lot longer than a set of razors you have repurchase every month, so it's worth it I'd say. It has a couple of speed settings too, I like it on the lowest because I'm a woos, but it's still fast so don't be fooled. 

Post epilate I like to go in with an oil as my legs do go very red, although that does die down. I love the L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil which smells amazing and has a handy spray dispenser so your hands don't get really greasy. This just helps to tame the area a bit and keep your limbs moisturised. Your body can also be very sensitive after doing this so I wouldn't recommend going in with a fake tan or anything like that, stick to an oil or gel you know and love.