I thought about doing a top MAC lipstick post, then realised I don't have a lot to pick from so may as well show you my entire collection instead! To some people this may seem like a lot  and for others, you may be sitting there like 'that's about a tenth of my collection', it varies I'm sure. I'm very happy with the ones I have but would love to pick up some other shades as MAC have a tonne to pick from, so I would love to know your favs and have a massive swatch session when I have about an hour to kill...

On the far left we have Lustering which is the one I'm obsessing over right now. It's a lustre finish which means it's adds a nice amount of shine as well as being a semi-sheer formula which you can build. Colour wise, it's perfect for summer in my opinion, a gorgeous watermelon pink shade, can't really go wrong! Next to that we have Plink! which was my first ever MAC lipstick and one that's kind of collecting dust at the moment. This one is also a lustre, but because it's such a pale pink I find the amount of sheen it gives doesn't look great with my skin tone, but we all have that one MAC purchase we regret right? Vegas Volt is the next one along and another summer appropriate option. It's a gorgeous coral pink which is part of their amplified cream formulas so it's super pigmented, yet super creamy at the same time. If you're on the hunt for a new lipstick this summer I would definitely recommend this one. 

On to the more non summery shades now, and Patisserie is an all year round kind of job which you all know I love and is my perfect nude. I shan't talk about this much because you all know the deal by now, but basically is a creamy moisturising pinky beige nude which I think everyone should own. For the most daring of the lot, we have Diva which is lovely deep burgundy. This is matte, which is great as it is such an intense colour, so it will stay in place all day and will need minimal touch ups. I would recommend applying this with a lip brush though, because dark shades like this can get a bit messy. 
I've definitely left the best till last - in my opinion anyway - Plumful is one I've had and worn for years and it's such a unique mauve shade that I can't seem to out it down. This is another lustre - can you tell I love those - which makes it very comfortable on the lips and you can build the colour up nicely. Out of all the MAC lipsticks I own, I wear this one the most and if you don't own it, you should, as I think it would suit everyone.