Every beauty blogger loves a good rave, and it can be hard to know whether what they're talking about is actually worth the hype or not. Personally, they rave with good reason so there has to be something good about it, and these are a few that definitely did live up to their expectations and didn't let me down.

We'll start off with some brushes and the Sephora brush collection has put its name on the map as far as brushes go. You'll find one or two pop up in various Sephora hauls and bloggers showering them in compliments and I have to second everything they say. I own three, and love them all. They have tonnes to chose form varying from their pro and classic lines. Their face brushes equal out to around £15-£20 and the eye brushes about £10, so not too bad in my opinion. They're great quality, very soft and I love the black handles, very chic.

For base products I thought something summery would be appropriate so I've chosen the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. As far as tinted moisturisers go this one is probably the most talked about and most popular and for good reason, it's one of the best for sure. It offers decent coverage for a tinted product and they have an oil free version for those of you who suffer from oily skin which is a nice bonus. Kind of pricey but it looks natural on the skin and is a great moisturising base. 

Eye wise I had to talk about the Naked Palettes which have made the rounds on several occasions. Both the originals and the basics are fab in my opinion. They're buttery, pigmented, long lasting and overall amazing. My favourite is the original as I love all the warm tones and the two matte browns are really decent crease/blending colours which can sometimes be hard to find in palettes. And if you want some mattes added to your collection the Naked Basics - again, original - will be a brilliant one to try. It has nice mix of lid/highlight colours, a few good blending shades and a black to use as a liner. 

I have a couple for lips, and no doubt you have heard of both of these. The first is a lip liner and the second a tinted balm. The latter are the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecter Balms which are the perfect tinted lip balm in my opinion. They are super super moisturising and the colours are really lovely for everyday wear, the brighter ones you can also build up and get a more intense look, a great day to night option. They also smell incredible! The former is of course the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat. I'm so over the whole Kylie Jenner lip look and you want fuller lips you can do so without people thinking you want to be like her. This is a nice pink shade which feels creamy on the lips and leaves them looking natural and not too 90s. I really want to try some more of these lip liners because so far, I'm hooked!