If we make the commitment to wearing a bright lip for the day, we want it to last, and we certainly don't want our hard work in the morning to go to waste. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your lip colour stays put all day whatever you're doing. 

Start with a blank canvas...using a bit of leftover foundation from a brush or sponge can help block out your natural lip colour and give the products on top something to stick to. Just pat your brush or sponge over your lips after exfoliating them and this should stop your natural lip colour poking through as the day progresses. See, concealer lips aren't always a bad thing. If you have naturally darker lips this will also help the true colour of the lipstick to show through. 

Use lip liner...seems a kind of an obvious one, but ensuring you line your lips and fill them in with a lip liner will make sure your lip colour doesn't fade or bleed. It's important to use one that's a similar colour to your lips or that matches your lipstick, this will look the most natural and you won't have those awkward 90's lip liner vibes going on. Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Rimmel and MAC do some of the best in my opinion. I always start by lining the perimeter of the lips, going from the outside in, then run the pencil over the lips to fill them in. 

Go matte...if you're using bright shade, matte is the best way to go. The formula lasts longer than others as they don't slip around on the lips and the colour is more intense - go big or go home right?. There are brands which offer some that aren't completely drying such as Nars, MAC and Revlon, the colour range and quality of these brands are also excellent. If your lips are on the dryer side make sure to use a lip balm pre application so it doesn't sit in any cracks and cling to dry patches. 

The blot and reapply method...this is one I tend to do a lot if I know I'm going to rocking a bold lip for the whole day and won't be able to touch up often. Step one, apply; step 2, blot with tissue; step 3, reapply. The idea behind this is that once you've blotted the first layer it will sink into the lips and act as a stain so when you apply the second layer, if it does fade, there will be a stain underneath so you don't get patchy lips and you'll always have a nice colour on the lips. This is a great little routine which can be done in seconds.