Ever since the hype around Bioderma (which FIY, I have yet to try) budget brands have cottoned on to this little craze and launched some of their own for us all to try. I love micellar waters for removing makeup, they're gentle, non stripping and it's an easy way to prep your skin before cleansing. I thought I would share a few that you can pick up from Boots which will be worth your while.

The L'Oreal Micellar Water was the first one I tried. Not knowing what to expect I said good things and used it continually for some time. Battling with the fact it leaves a sticky residue on the skin however, I stopped using it a continued my search. That's the only negative thing I really have to say about this, the tackiness post use is annoying, but one I'm sure not everybody will mind if you follow it up with the right products. Some people said that it made their eyes sting, I personally didn't find that, but everyone is different. I don't love it, nor hate it.

Second was the Garnier Micellar Water, which had been preferred over the L'Oreal one by pretty much everyone. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling after you use it, so we were already on to a winner. You also get quite a lot of product so if, like me, you don't use these every day, it'll last a good while. Doesn't have much of a scent (none of them really do) but a really lovely, gentle option.

My favourite of all...the Nivea 3 in 1 Micellar Water. The fact this is for sensitive skin types and does more to the skin than just removing makeup, makes this one a real love of mine. I haven't been using it for that long - as you can see from the bottle - but I've really enjoyed it when I have. It's slightly more moisturising than the other two, and makes my skin feel more clean and makeupless. The packaging is also great, the product doesn't squirt out the bottle like the L'Oreal one and this  doesn't sting my eyes at all.

All three are more than safe to use on the eyes and do remove makeup well. If you a heavy wearer of waterproof makeup, you may not be a fan and might need something stronger, but day to day, I would recommend these.