Spring Scent - Roses De Chloe

I think it's safe to say I've found my signature scent...

I first tried out Roses de Chloe (£55.50, 50ml) last year and I'm already on my second bottle and I adore it. I'm not big on perfumes, I don't have an excessive amount and when I find one I like I tend to stick to it. This is definitely a floral scent, as the name would suggest, so if your more of a fruity kind of gal then maybe this one isn't for you. However, with that being said I thought I was a fruity scent girl through and through, I used to use Marc Jacobs Oh Lola and the DKNY apple fragrances beforehand so this was a bit of a change but I love it. The packaging alone is enough to make me want it. It's a perfect addition to any dressing table and along with the Dior and Chanel bottles it looks very chic and luxe. Now is where I try my best to describe the way it smells, wish me luck...

Of course the first major note you get with this one, is rose, now, I hate the smell of roses, another reason why I'm surprised I even smelled this in the first place, but it's not as in your face as sticking your head into a bouquet of roses, so maybe that's why. After a few seconds it's dulled down with hints of white musk and amber (thank you Fragrantica for the prompts) as well as picking up few other floral notes, such as magnolia, and there's also a bit of litchi thrown in there, who knew?

All in all this is a lovely feminine, maybe Parisian, fragrance and I feel super classy and put together with a few spritz of this.

I thought this post would be about 3 lines long as scents really aren't my forte, however I don't think I've done too badly!


  1. This sounds like such an incredible scent!


  2. I've smelt this one before and loved it, may end up getting it one time! :)

  3. amazing post !

    you have a super cute blog here :)

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    Have a nice day


  4. I would buy this perfume only for its packaging, I love it.. Buy the way I need to try it because I'm looking for a summer scent :)


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