Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Bye Bye Under Eye

Bye Bye Under Eye

When the early mornings call it's always hard to look in the mirror and see those lovely dark under eyes. After starting uni again after Christmas, I have to say I haven't missed them one bit.

Before concealing those bad boys I will always reach for something that is going to de-puff, cool and hydrate. Lately that has been The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo (13.00), this is the perfect way to help reduce your bags in the morning when time is short. As the name suggests there's two parts to this. The first is a cooling gel which is dispersed through a rollerball, which I love. And the second is a simple eye cream which is lightweight and a great base for concealer.

When it comes to covering, correctors with a salmony undertone are great for cancelling out the blues and purples that tend to lurk around in the mornings. As for concealers, I never like them to be drying, which normally means straying away from those that are heavy duty. However if you want something thats the best of both worlds the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit (£24.00) is great. I got this in a couple shades lighter than my skin tone to really brighten the area. This is a heavy concealer, but I don't find it to be drying or cakey with an eye cream or serum underneath. It also comes with a handy powder which you can use to set your concealer in place, and I have to say these two really do work a treat at covering up my dark circles.
Friday, January 23, 2015
Book Club

Book Club

Not being much a bookworm myself I find it hard to find books that are real page turners, these however, are wonderful.

When it comes to beauty bibles I own my fair share, all of which rattle through product after product and why they are great. If you want something more than Boots in a book then I would recommend you all  pick up Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. This has all you would ever need to know about beauty and the book itself is beautifully designed. Compiled of 330 pages you can find everything from your skin type to where to find beauty advice to great product recommendations. It's a really fantastic read if you're a beauty fanatic and would also make a lovely gift.

Next, we move on to a book which I'm sure every teenage girl can relate to, Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham. Lena Dunham is hilarious and a great author and this book is one you can really laugh out loud to. She shares her experiences and what she has learnt growing up, and there will be at least one chapter where you are like 'yes, I feel ya girl'. If you haven't already, which I'm sure most of you have, pick this up immediately as I believe every girl out there should own it!
Thursday, January 22, 2015
Simple Evening Makeup

Simple Evening Makeup

After christmas and new years, its nice to have a more simple neutral look you can resort to in the evenings without thinking glitter and red lips. Don't get me wrong I love a good bold lip, however the maintenance can be a bit too demanding at times so I'm going to share with you the look I've been going for when the evening antics approach.

For the face I like to have a good coverage, dewy finish and for that I love to use the L'Oreal True Match Foundation £9.99. My last post was a full blown review on this so instead of rambling I'll link that up here. I also added a bit of the Origins Plantscription Concealer £17 for some added coverage under my eyes and anywhere else I needed it. I skipped powder and went straight for my Nars Laguna Bronzer £26 for some soft contouring and colour. Then for highlighter I went for my trusty Benefit Watts Up £24.50 which I blended on my cheekbones, nose and cupids bow.
I wanted to keep my brows fairly natural too but still defined so the Benefit Gimme Brow £17.50 it was. I love this stuff because its a gel, so it will keep your brow hairs in place, but its also tinted so adds colour, definition and an element of volume.

For my eyes I picked up my favourite matte palette of the moment, Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisicate £38. This is a gorgeous matte palette and feels very luxurious to use too. I simply took the lightest highlight shade all across the lid up to the brow bone then popped a bit of the light brown beige on the lid. In my crease I used the second darkest brown and then added the final shade, which is a grey brown to further define. I also used the darkest shade under my eyes, almost as a liner. Speaking of liner, on my top lash line I did a simple small wing using the Soap and Glory Supercat Liner £6 which is my favourite affordable liner out there. Its super black and easy to use and i've had mine for a good few months and it hasn't dried up! Finishing the eyes off I added a few coats of the L'Oreal Miss manga Mascara £8.99 to my top and bottom lashes.

Finally I kept the lips nude, but with this look the lip colour can be changed depending on what you fancy. Of course I opted for MAC Patisserie lipstick £15.50 which is my perfect my lips but better shade.
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
L'Oreal True Match Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

I dont tend to dable in the foundation section at drugstores but when I heard about this I had to go and check it out. L'Oreal True Match (£9.99) is a medium coverage foundation which can be easily compared to the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.
Like I said, its medium coverage but I find that you can definitely build this up if you want to. To apply I will either use my standard Real Techniques Buffing brush or their cosmetic sponge. I find when I use the sponge the coverage is a lot fuller, so maybe use this on a night out or if you prefer that look. It has a pump which is great and as the name would suggest it comes in a variety of shades. I use the shade R3C3, Rose Beige, which is a tad too dark for me at the moment but as summer commences (in about 6 months!) it should be a perfect match, if it lasts that long...

The finish is dewy which I love, especially if you have dry skin. For nights out its also a great pick as it only has SPF 17 so you should be flash back free with this one. For £9.99 I think it's a really good foundation and one of my favourites from the drugstore.
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
LUSH Recommendations

LUSH Recommendations

If you love LUSH but find the store a bit overwhelming, then keep reading and I'll share with you my must haves!
When I think of LUSH the first things I think of are the bath products, starting with a bubble bar. My favourite is The Comforter (£4.75), you can break this up and use it multiple times which is great and I tend to get about 4 uses out if it, but obviously you can use as little or as much as you would like. It has a very sweet fruity smell, the kind that makes me think of LUSH, and it turns you bath pink! Next on the cards is another bath product, Bubblebear Luxury Bath Melt (£4.75), this unfortunately is limited edition, but if they bring it back this Christmas, stock up! This has a soft vanilla scent and is very moisturising on the skin so you can afford to skip the moisturiser.

Shower gels are something else I love to try out from LUSH and It's Raining Men (£4.75, 100g)  has to be my favourite I've tried. Scented with honey it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky and of course smelling great. The thing I love about LUSH shower gels is that they come in 3 different sizes so if you travel a lot you can pick up a cute little mini.

Moving on to skincare, this is probably my favourite product ever from LUSH, it's the Tea Tree Water (£7.95, 250g). I use this everyday without fail and I can definitely see a huge difference in my skin, it looks fresher and I don't tend to get any blemishes, touch wood! I normally spray this onto a cotton pad or you can spray it straight from the bottle which is a great wake up call in the morning!
Finally, masks are another thing I love to get from LUSH, mainly because they are made with super fresh, natural indigents. My recent favourites is the Mask Of Magnaminty (£9.75, 315g), it has a minty scent which perks up and cools the skin, and you can also use this on your body too which I love. If you suffer with little bumps or blemishes on your shoulders, arms or back and of course face, this is a mask I would definitely recommend you trying out!
Friday, January 16, 2015
The Root Lift

The Root Lift

If you struggle with fine, flat hair, keep reading..

My hair is notoriously known for being very flat, especially at the roots and its hard to find a product that claims to volumise but doesn't weigh your hair down or make the roots too oily. I heard a lot of good things about the Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray (£6.99) so decided to give it a go.

The first thing that I noticed was the fact if was a spray which is very convenient and easy to use. I'll spray it into my roots when my hair is wet and massage it in. It recommends to spray it 10-12 times,  which may seem excessive but I would say 10 will do fine. When my hair drys it doesn't leave any nasty residue and my roots are given a nice lift and it looks a lot fuller. It also says you can use it on dry hair, so you can throw it in your bag and use it as a good hair pick me up when on the go!
If you want to give your hair a bit more body this is the perfect cheap, quick and effective way which I would recommend you all to try.